Solutions for your business priorities, investments, and peace of mind.

OneSG will design and implement a solution that suits your business needs. Upon gathering information on your business and industry we will design a solution that will give you a competitive edge and help your business succeed. In today’s fast paced world keeping up with technology will help your employees stay productive, keep communications open with your customers and insure a more profitable bottom line.

Unified Communications

Working at the Speed of Business with Mobility Solutions from Avaya

Enterprises of all sizes depend on Avaya for unified communications. One Source Group and Avaya have solutions that will improve efficiency, collaboration, customer service and ultimately competitiveness. Unified Communications simplify the proliferation of technologies that businesses deal with every day. Our people-centric solutions integrate voice, video and data, enabling users to communicate and collaborate in real time, in the mode best suited to each interaction. This eliminates inefficiencies in communications to make organizations more productive and responsive.

Avaya solutions let you use preferred devices, anywhere, to click and collaborate together. Share information, make decisions, and drive results. Scale the solution to thousands of users.

IP Telephony

Make a point of being heard

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has tremendous advantages over traditional analog voice technology which has made it one of today most popular communications solutions and a fundamental component of OneSG Unified Communications practice. VoIP Internet-speed transmissions and inherently lower cost give it the potential to replace traditional wired phone service altogether, making it a no-brainer for Mid-Market customers, Contact Centers, and enterprise-sized global players alike.

Network Infrastructure

Advance your technology in today’s diverse workforce

Plug-and-play communications drives new requirements for the enterprise. OneSG believes in changing the dynamics among people, applications, and the foundational network. To achieve a context-aware collaboration that is always-on, simplified and virtualized, we create a fit for purpose network infrastructure designed and implemented with your business in mind. As real-time communications continue evolving to IP telephony, the data network begins to facilitate communications-enabled business services, while transporting other critical business applications. The Avaya solution delivers some of the most advanced technologies available, enabling enterprises to build dependable networks with a significant return on investment.

The Avaya Networking solution includes:

  • Ethernet Switches: a range of core and access switches for entry-level Branch Office through premium high-performance Wiring Closet, to Campus Core and Data Center applications
  • Branch Routers: a range of integrated routers, gateways and appliances that allow enterprises to reliably and securely connect their branch sites
  • Wireless Networks: a cost-effective and scalable solution enabling enterprises to deploy wireless coverage
  • Access Control: solutions that provide policy decision to enforce role-based access control to the network
  • Network Management: support for data and voice networks by simplifying the management requirements across functional areas

These solutions are available globally in all industries with particular strength in healthcare, education, hospitality, and financial services, as well as to local and state governments.

Contact Center

Leverage information seamlessly on your own terms

In our fast pace ever changing world a revolution is underway in customer service, driven by generations of consumers, new modes of communication, and consumer adoption of social media. To address these changes, companies need an end-to-end approach to managing their customer experience that helps them leverage the latest in best practices and enabling technologies alongside their existing resources. Implementing a solution with the Avaya Contact Center will create a competitive advantage by delivering a differentiated customer experience.

Carrier Services

Don’t get carried away with voice and data services

Managing your carrier services can be chaotic, complicated, and a costly task. Multiple providers, multiple functionality, from mobile phone, internet connectivity, WAN and Internet connectivity to pagers these are all services that are useful yet costly if not configured to your specifications and user needs. To insure your company is getting the best services and prices to suit your user work locations and style, OneSG will work directly with you. Assessing your current services we can help determine if the solution is the most cost effective and the best choice for your business. Additionally we can tailor a designed solution from multiple providers identifying new and valuable offers, or consolidations to fit your communication goals. OneSG strives to deliver your company the most cost-effective, reliable and efficient carrier service solution.

hosted Solutions

Keep your head and technology in the clouds

Minimizing start up cost is at the forefront of every new business. Hosted solutions of telephony and data applications minimizes the cost of getting your business off the ground. Telephony solutions can be costly if not configured to your company specific requirements. OneSG can offer a fully integrated private cloud-based solution. With Avaya premises-based technology in mind, your solution is resilient, secure and provides your enterprise with best in class solutions. Our goal is to keep your costs down so that you have the competitive advantage.